Enhance customer association with the strength of WiFi Hotspot Marketing

What is Wifi Hotspot System

Want customers to show they check-in to your establishment?

• Display Company Logo, Name or Promotion of the month display at Landing Page once customer logon your WiFi

• Your customers will show your venue for their friends throughout the world

Want to increase visitors to your establishment?

• Over 90% of customers trust recommendations from their friends more than classical advertisement

• It will be easy to contact customers for returned business

Want to increase customer retention rate?

• Retain your customers and build strong relationships with your guests and visitors who use your free WiFi

Want to know who your customers are?

• List of Transactions

• List of Visitors

• List of Session

• Social Media pages with the ability to contact them directly

• Ability to give limited access

• Export data to Excel or CSV

We setup "FREE WiFi" service to your Visitors and Customers at your Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel or Company

How to Setup

Easy! No hardware to manage!

• We provide the equipment

• Setup your WiFi that makes your Customers and Visitors stay and advertise your business

Highlight to visitors new products or services, special offers or monthly promotions!

• Our Wifi System allows to ask users share a post on their Timeline before they get access internet via your Wifi Hotspot

• While you give to your visitors free internet access, you can generate the benefit by advertising your businesses

• Customers will show that they check-in your premise, enjoying the ambiance sight, the delicious food and warm hospitality, and surfing the internet

Enjoy Facebook Social Media integration for your business!

• Over 4.3 million Facebook Users in Singapore, has an active FB account which they use almost everyday

• Over 90% of customers trust recommendations from their friends more than classical advertisement

• Promote your company's Facebook Page, creating public awareness

The only reason why we have been very successful with our WiFi service is simply, we appreciate your business

Our Customers

Maximise your public WiFi Hotspot using our creative Wifi solutions

Since consultant you work with, you can be confident that we'll put your best recommendation first and that you are getting the best experience we have to offer.


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